Indranil MukherjeeDirector, Thoth Consulting

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About Expert

Indranil has been a successful mentor to young companies and has helped them with market entry and growth strategies. His expertise lies in building and leading diverse teams in business development, Sales & marketing, customer service, Logistics and Operations and implementation of route to market strategies for spectacular results. His understanding of the market pulse and customer skills have enabled him in ramping up scale and sales in highly competitive markets and adverse conditions. A Management Graduate in Marketing & General Management from the International Management Institute and BA (Hons.) in Economics from Delhi University, he has over two and a half decades of proven performance track in customer facing Agency, FMCG, Fine Papers, Media (Publishing & Print)and businesses with extensive exposure and experience both in Indian and overseas markets. Having travelled extensively abroad Indranil’s experience helps meld Indian business nuances seamlessly with best in class standards from India and overseas. In his stint as Business Head with manufacturing plant and sales responsibilities, Indranil has driven continuous improvement in operations, supply chain, waste control and manufacturing inefficiencies resulting in direct impact on top and bottom lines. Indranil has always been a self starter and his experience in the successful launch of products, brands has helped him in creating across all the businesses a successful customer focused “ go to market “ strategy.

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