Atul PuriFounder, eGrowth

Master's Degree (IIM - B)
Business Strategy
Business Model

26 YearsExperience

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About Expert

Atul is an Unconventional Entrepreneur He believes, all businesses can experience exponential growth, provided they are designed well. He spends most of his time building eGrowth – The Leverage Platform, an ecosystem For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs, About Entrepreneurs The quintessential Engineer, MBA of 25 years vintage, Atul has driven 80,000 km by road, across India to get the pulse of MSMEs in India. This makes him an authority on how business is conducted in India. Atul has evolved as a hands on entrepreneur who has adapted to the rapidly changing marketplace - from Snail mail to Email to 'Cloud' work culture. He is a small town boy, who had the fortune to work with the market leaders throughout. For him a CEO is one who consistently looks for COLLABORATION | EXCELLENCE | OPPORTUNITIES

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