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Deepak Kashyap: CEO & Co-founder Mas Callnet India pvt. Ltd India’s leading BPM, Dialdesk India’s only true “Pay as you go customer service solution’ and Ispark India which is One of India’s leading Field fulfillment services today. He is an Entrepreneur, Visionary Investor , Upcoming author of a Customer Experience book, Certified NLP practitioner, Learner and CX Expert. With over 18 years of experience into entrepreneurship, fascination to technology and innovations and deep hunger to learn and constantly on a move, he is a flag bearer in many ways for the Customer service industry. He is currently authoring a book on Customer experience: Junoon|Jarurat|Jugaad which explains how “Only Cx” would be the only game changer for Businesses which wants to thrive and make it threat proof.

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