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A Digital Marketing Professional with 12+ years of diverse experience in setting up and scaling E-commerce channels rapidly for varied verticals like Airlines and Travel (, IndiGo), CPG (Amway) Technology (GoDaddy), Fashion and Lifestyle (Fab India, John Players, UCB), services (DishTv), Telecom (Nokia), Auto (Honda 2 Wheelers, Royal Enfield) & SME/SMB sector. Specialized in driving revenue growth rapidly from digital channels and helping small business owners in setting up things from scratch and help them to scale business digitally. Experience in heading E-commerce businesses across varied industries has helped me set up lean, agile e-commerce channels and grow them up quickly. Specialties: Digital Marketing Strategist driving Online sales with key skills around SEM/SEO/Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, APP engagement, Brand marketing, APP downloads, Analytics, technology implementation, Planning/Buying, E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, Programmatic and SEO for the organic growth in traffic which is free of cost and help businesses to optimise the bottom line and give top line growth to the business. Responsible for developing and executing strategic digital marketing initiatives to generate revenue from Digital platforms. Ownership for the P&L targets for the online channel and individual product categories. Managing all aspects of paid search engine marketing (SEO/SEM), mobile search, Mobile marketing, social media marketing (SMM), affiliate marketing and email marketing to generate online traffic through these initiatives and convert this traffic into revenue from online conversions.

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