Rahul RenavikarManaging Director, Acuris Advisors Pvt. Ltd

M-Com, CA, CMA
Govt. Schemes
Indirect Taxes & GST
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Rahul is a post graduate in Commerce and is also a Chartered and a Cost & Management Accountant. He has more than 24 years of work experience, out of which around 6 years is in Industry (Tata Motors) and 16 years is in the Big-4 consulting firm environment (PwC and EY). Rahul’s consulting experience includes 5 years of tax reforms experience where he has assisted Tax administrations within and outside India in indirect tax reforms. In 2016, he embarked upon the entrepreneurial journey and he is the Managing Director of Acuris Advisors Pvt. Ltd, a multi-disciplinary Business Advisory Company. Rahul’s core specialization is in Excise, Service tax, VAT and GST and he has also advised and assisted clients (both Indian as well as MNCs) in Customs & EXIM related matters across various industry verticals. He has a unique combination of tax technical, tax technological and tax transformational experience. He has been instrumental in suggesting avenues for tax revenue augmentation for Governments and tax cost optimisation strategies for businesses including strategies on increasing the effectiveness of the tax function.He has a flair for using technology for tax solutions. Rahul has led VAT / GST advisory as well as compliance teams serving large Clients having pan India operations. He has suggested system related changes for enhancing indirect tax function ‘s effectiveness and achieving complete compliance objectives. In his stint with a Big 4 Firm, Rahul has closely worked with the Global Head of Indirect Taxes for about two years in Europe and in the Middle East wherein as a Business Process and IT expert, he has assisted one of the leading countries there in designing a VAT system. As a Project Manager, he has helped the Government of Maharashtra implement VAT in the State. He has also assisted the Punjab Government in augmenting VAT revenues. He has led teams in assisting the State Governments of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand on VAT related projects. He was actively involved with various State Government Departments in India in discussions on the GST design and framework. In 2018, he advised a leading Government in the Middle East on VAT implementation. He continues to advise various Government Departments on the GST. Rahul has been assisting various Clients in advocating rationalisation of VAT / GST rates and has been successful in rationalising the VAT / GST rates for the industrial, hygiene & healthcare, consumer products industry. Currently, apart from Tax and Regulatory matters, Rahul is advising Clients on non-tax matters as well. His primary focus is on cost optimization measures such as financial performance improvement, business process improvement, supply chain efficiencies etc. He has authored numerous articles for business papers. He has also co-authored the Guidance Note on VAT Accounting and Auditing for the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He was a member of the GST Advisory Board constituted by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India for GST implementation.

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