AK DuaSr. Consultant, Jishuken Centre of Excellence

Lean Six SIgma
Shopfloor Practices

25 YearsExperience

 3000Per Call





About Expert

Mr. AK Dua carries extensive experience of more than 30 years in operational excellence and shop-floor practices. He specializes in lean manufacturing, six sigma & TCM. Mr. Dua holds deep experience in core engineering and manufacturing fields like sheet metal, fabrication, plastic, die casting, machined & rubber components development. He’s acknowledged in the industry for his excellent track record of achieving substantial cost reduction by applying Lean, Six Sigma & TCM principles. Mr. Dua has executed projects with various corporations like Pranjal Projects, FIEM industries, MINDA industries and Escorts Ltd. During his tenures with these companies he successfully implemented better shop-floor practices and techniques resulting formidable operational efficiency and plant output. Mr. Dua graduated in tool engineering from YMCA institute of engineering followed by diploma in mechanical engineering. He acquired Lean Manufacturing Certification and Six Sigma Black Belt certification from IACT. Mr. Dua is presently working as senior consultant with the premier training and implementation organization in operational practices – Jishuken Centre of Excellence.

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