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7 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment For Indian Entrepreneurs

7 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

Business is like a matrix, where we need to connect the various dots and discover the big picture. Some of those dots can be hard to find, and some of them may not even exist. But that doesn’t stop the entrepreneur from making his/her next move and continue the fantastic journey.

Investments and fundings are one of those dots, which are often hard to pinpoint, and can be a morale-crusher for a few. But the experienced and passionate entrepreneurs will know that money is just another dot in the whole picture. Money is not the entire picture that you are trying to discover. If money is a problem, then there exist businesses with low cost and investment as well, which may not provide the big returns which a business with investment can, but still, it’s a good start.

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There are startup business ideas with low investment, which, if done right, can scale up and surprise you with their potential. In this blog, we will share the Best business ideas, with low investment and literally zero external funding. The best part about low-budget business ideas is that there is less risk involved.

When you learn and research more on how to start a business with low investment, you will realize that the only major investment which is required is that of time and your ideas. If such low-cost business ideas click and become huge, then the sky’s the limit for the right entrepreneur.

And if small budget business ideas fail, the entrepreneur ends up having a valuable experience which no one else in the world has. A win-win situation.

7 Best Business Ideas with Low Investment

Idea #1: Education Business (Tuition Classes, Coaching Centers, Online Education)

Education is one of the ever-green niches, existing for thousands of years, and will continue to flourish for the next thousands of years. If the investment is a problem, then starting a tuition class or coaching class is one of the best business ideas with a meager investment. Even online classes can be done with literally no expense other than a good camera and high-speed internet. Examples being cooking classes, entrance exam coaching, computer training centers, etc.

Idea #2: Food Business (Food Caterers, Cloud Kitchen, Food Outlet)

Compared to other businesses, the food business is relatively easy to start with minimum operational expenses. Since the sale depends solely on the available food stock, their revenue gets circulated back into the system and provides consistently higher returns. Starting a Cloud kitchen, for example, only needs raw material and a cook. Rest everything is managed by the platform from where the orders are coming.

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Idea #3: Health & Lifestyle Business (Fitness Centers, Online Medicines)

Along with education and food, health is counted among those evergreen businesses, which is unstoppable. After all, no one wants to get sick or weak, and everyone wishes to remain healthy for as long as possible. Health and lifestyle businesses such as fitness centers, gyms, beauty salons, online medicines, etc. are booming and can be started with low investment. Even online consultation by doctors business is right now in demand, and if you can create a simple platform to link doctors with patients, you are a winner.

Idea #4: Real Estate Agency/ Broker

Real estate is the most significant industry in terms of average spend by a customer, and the best thing is that you can become a real estate agent or broker without any massive investment. However, you need to be a good person with excellent communication skills and networking talent. Without buying any inventory, the art of selling big-ticket real estate projects is not easy on paper. But for the right entrepreneur, nothing is impossible.

Idea #5: Recruitment Agency

There is some big money involved in the recruitment business, globally. And literally, anyone can become a recruitment agent without any investment. All you need to do is connect job seekers with employers and take a commission out of this. As with the real estate business, there is no major investment involved, but good communication skills and a grasp of the job market are very much needed.

Idea #6: Agency for Web Development & Digital Marketing

Every business needs digital marketing today because every one of its customers is on the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling from Chandni Chowk in Delhi or Marine Drive in Mumbai, from a website hosted in India or in Australia: You need digital marketing. Launching an agency for critical activities such as website/app development, digital marketing, app marketing, etc. is easy and requires low investment. However, you need to have good, creative people around and a knack for convincing other business owners with your ideas and vision. Profit margins can be insane if the right buttons are pressed.

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Idea #7: Mediator for Event Management

Events are a big, booming business, and the industry is always seeking creative folks to join and make it even bigger. However, to launch a full-fledged event management company, a considerable amount of investment is required, but if you can become a mediator who connects clients with the event management firms, then the profit margin is unlimited. Slowly and gradually, once your client list is expanded and you know the trade skills, you can jump into the main business of conducting events and pave your path of entrepreneurship.

These are just a small glimpse of the Low budget business ideas, which an entrepreneur can start in India. However, tons of more practical business ideas and business concepts can help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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