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MSMEx Mega Summit 2021 – Modern MSMEs of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, 21 Industry Leaders on 6th & 7th August

MSME Mega Summit 2021
Ever since the liberalisation of the Indian economy in the 90s, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – better known by the acronym MSMEs have played a huge role in the development of the country. They have constantly supported the up-gradation of technology, infrastructure development, and triggered the modernization of the country and our society as a whole. In terms of numbers, MSMEs contribute a staggering 30% to the country’s GDP, and around 45% of the manufacturing output, and approximately 48% of the country’s exports. It is due to such huge numbers that they’re vital to our economy. They’re rightly referred to as the ‘Backbone of the country’. However, history is a testament to the fact that small businesses and owners have always faced innumerable difficulties. Difficulties such as –
  • Coming up with an idea for a product
  • Troubleshooting various problems daily in an attempt to sustain stable growth
  • Repayment of Debt
  • Lack of Good Opportunities
  • Unavailability of Cheap Capital
These are just some of the many problems that small business owners still find themselves fighting but in a different and more digitised era. The MSME ministry to strengthen the backbone of the country to help MSMEs with their difficulties so that they can increase their contribution towards the GDP by up to 50% by 2025 as India moves ahead to become a $5 trillion economy. Free Power Kit

MSMEx Mega Summit

We at MSMEx are a team of serial entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and business experts committed to helping your business grow in a fast but cost-conscious manner. The way business is done is rapidly evolving and MSMEx aims to be at the forefront of this change. With the start of the Pandemic in early 2020, most MSMEs went into a free fall due to the sudden closure of all avenues through which they did business. It has made it tough for small businesses to operate and they’ve incurred heavy losses in the process. MSMEx is focused on bringing about a revolution in the way MSMEs in India does business. It is time for the MSMEs of today in cooperation with MSMEx to become smarter, more aware, and adaptive to change and technology than ever before. MSMEx’s Mega Summit is our conscious attempt to kick start this revolution. It aims to bring together 21 Industry Legends and some of the best minds in the business to enlighten you on everything you need to modernize all aspects of your business and take a big leap towards GROWTH and BUSINESS EXCELLENCE! The Mega Summit is for those dreamers and go-getters who are determined to make their dreams a reality. Anyone and Everyone who attends the summit will definitely find tremendous value. If you belong to any of the below, don’t even think twice to register:
  • MSME Owners and Promoters
  • Start-Up Founders & Core Members
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Business Professionals
  • Researchers & Innovators
  • Experts, Mentors & Coaches

Our Speakers

Our Eminent Speakers will comprise Industry Leaders, Unicorn Founders, Top Government Officials and Leading Business Experts. Some of our prominent speakers are –
  1. Harshil Mathur, Co-Founder and CEO of Razorpay
  2. Amod Malviya, Co-Founder Udaan
  3. Sundeep Mohindru, CEO & Founder M1XCHANGE
  4. Ajay Thakur, Head BSE SME & Startup
  5. Shankar Chakraborti, Group CEO ACUITE RATINGS & RESEARCH
  6. Amit Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO MSMEx
And many more. With over 10000+ attendees and 14 hours of live interaction, there is no better opportunity to learn everything you would require to run a successful business and gain an experience of a lifetime.


The Mega Summit will broadly discuss various topics and issues related to the current Business climate namely –
  1. Smart Capital
  2. Progressive Technology
  3. Innovation
  4. Gig Economy
  5. Digital Transformation
  6. Growth Mindset
Under Smart Capital, there will be an insightful session on the Needs and Future of Credit Rating for MSMEs for sustainable business growth. MSMEs and their owners often suffer from the following problems –
  • Lack of know-how on the lending process
  • Unhealthy Loan applications
  • Long waiting periods
  • Loan rejections
  • Higher waiting periods
  • Poor Cash Flow management and working capital
  • Unable to meet demand
  • Poor quality of delivery due to budget undercutting
The sessions under Smart Capital will help you Understand –
  • Tech-based lending options
  • Ways to keep credit rating/score healthy for quick lending through Fintech and NBFCs
  • Fast Loans -> better cash flow management and cash process
  • Simple process and fewer documentations – less hassle
The Need for Digital Transformation at MSME Businesses is a necessity in today’s digital world. Our sessions in Progressive Technology will address the following concerns –
  • Stuck in age-old ways of selling offline and managing the business on registers
  • Not able to scale up or grow faster
  • Losing clients/customers to competitors
  • Not being able to track customer behaviour and demand in the market
  • High cost of resources, manpower and infrastructure
  • Running a bulky business with a lot of physical assets and stake-holders
  • Improper monitoring and performance tracking
After attending our sessions you will be better able to navigate these problems by –
  • Leveraging the online wave – being where the customer is
  • Reaching larger audiences in a limited budget
  • Better management of records, data and registers
  • Faster execution of Business through technology
  • Ready insights in understanding customers and their needs
  • Opportunity to scale up and gun for exponential growth
The sessions on How to Leverage the Gig Economy will teach you on How to Build Successful Business Strategies. MSME owners suffer a lot because of the following –
  • Lack of Clear business objectives
  • Not clear about the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses
  • Not having a scalable and sustainable plan
  • Not having contingency plans
  • Not having a plan to adapt to changes in marketing, tech and consumer sentiment.
These sessions are aimed at helping you frame an Overall business strategy and in turn a growth strategy. It will help you by giving you insights regarding –
  • Modern-day strategies for faster growth
  • Developing a Niche
  • Developing a Competitive edge
  • Lean Business – better flexibility and adaptability
  • Sustaining through challenging times like the current Pandemic.
DO NOT MISS THIS!! MSMEx Mega Summit is an initiative to trigger a fresh mindset among Indian MSMEs, enabling them to look for better and smarter solutions to their business-related problems. We realize the true potential of India’s MSME landscape and we believe that with the right directions from our experts, MSMEs can go a long way and so shall the Indian Economy! It’s time to GO BEYOND CONVENTIONAL!! TOGETHER! Join the Mega Summit here – www.msmex.in/mega-summit

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and business experts, at MSMEx.in

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