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Who Is A Business Advisor? Know Why You Need An Advisor For Your Startup Business

Who is a Business Advisor?

Entrepreneurship is like jumping off an airplane from 35,000 feet and then learning to open a parachute on the way down. Most of the time, the parachute is opened, but often, the parachute fails to open. What if that entrepreneur who is taking the plunge (both literally and figuratively) can get expert assistance on opening the parachute and can quickly learn and implement the process and get saved.

Business advisors, or in some cases a business coach can transform a business and usher in a new wave of growth and ideas which was never imagined before. Every business needs a business advisor, and in some form or the other, they have advisors representing different roles and expertise.

The key here is to choose and select the right business advisor, who has the expertise and capabilities to steer the ship of your entrepreneurship journey in the right direction and help your business embrace exponential growth and success.

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We will share the three most critical reasons why your business needs a business advisor, and change everything about your business. But first, let’s understand who exactly is a business advisor, and what are their special qualities.

Who is a Business Advisor?

In layman’s terms, a business advisor is a person who can help you solve business problems and bridge the gap which exists between your ambitions and the realities.

A Business advisor can be in myriad forms and shapes: He/she can be a generalist, who excels in understanding your overall business and give better ideas and execution plans or they can be a financial ninja, a business financial planner or marketing maverick, or sale champion or even productivity coach and lifestyle manager.

A strategic advisor is also a good example of a business advisor, so are startup advisors, whose main area of expertise lies in empowering startups. Banking, Govt schemes, IPOs, Digital Payments, Financial Planning, Growth Hacking, etc are other areas where you can find business advisors.

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Qualities of a Business Advisor You Should Check

The first and foremost quality which a business advisor should have is understanding your market, your needs, and sufficient experience of handling and solving the problems you seek. If you have an urgent problem related to sales, then the business advisor for sales should have first-hand experience and expertise in solving sales-related problems in different industries.

An HR Expert won’t make it, due to a lack of sales experience in this case.

A sense of empathy, loads of patience, and good communication skills are the other properties that every business advisor should have, regardless of the niche experience and professional experience.

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Why Your Business Needs an Advisor?

Most of the time, entrepreneurs try to get expert business advice from those who are working in their company or from their relatives, friends, and families. This is so very wrong. And unfair.

Those who are working in the company have specific objectives and goals of their own, and when you are seeking advice for a business problem, then their opinions will be prejudiced and not without a filter of their worldview. The same goes for relatives and friends/family. And this is why an impartial, 3rd person’s views come in handy, and this is where business advisors for your business come into the picture.

In most cases, the business advisors you are hiring don’t have any ownership in your company, and they have no reason to make you happy or say Yes to please you. Hence, their opinion on a specific problem is without any prejudice, and without any agenda. All they care about is providing you help and assistance as a neutral observer, which helps them speak the truth. This impartial and non-prejudiced viewpoint makes business advisors an essential entity.

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Attaining Specific Business Goals in a Specific Deadline

Business advisors can work as your coach, and help you attain specific goals, within specific deadlines.

Say you wish to increase your revenues 5-times in the next 12 months, and you hire a sales advisor for your business. In this case, the only goal and objective of hiring that person are increasing your sales and revenue in the next 12 months, and there is zero distraction for them, and for you. This zero-distraction mode for solving a specific business problem can make a world of change in the attitude towards attaining the solution.

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Dealing with Business Problems whose Solutions You Don’t Have

It’s not mandatory for an entrepreneur and/or startup founder to know everything about the business.

An expert programmer can launch a company, but may not be aware of the financial nuances or marketing puzzles. And while running a company, problems and issues do crop up. They are inevitable, and part of the package called Entrepreneurship.

The most logical and productive way to solve such business problems is to take a business advisor’s services and solve them within the timeframe.

How to Choose the Best Business Advisor?

The best way is to ask the experts and your network. But yes, it may be time-consuming, and very complicated to choose the right one, since you are basically searching in the dark.

The other easy, and fast way is the MSMEx ed-tech platform, which provides a platform of business advisors, and based on your need and specific requirements, you can choose one instantly. The experience and professional expertise of every business advisor are clearly mentioned, which helps you to pick the right fit for your business.

You can find seasoned professionals and experts from Digital Marketing, Branding, Fund Raising, Startups, Govt Schemes, Payments, IPOs, Banking, Financial Planning, and more, who can understand your business, and provide you the right advice, at the right time.

To know more, and to book a call, visit MSMEx.in

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