Charudatta PandeDirector, Groples Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Operations Efficiency
Working Capital Management
Financial Discipline

20 YearsExperience

 3000Per Call





About Expert

Charudatta helps Help Enterprises and Entrepreneur achieve their potential by Crystallizing their Vision, Defining Goals, Streamlining Business Processes, Enhancing Underlying Systems, Capitalizing on Human Resources and Optimizing Working Capital. He has 22+ years’ of experience across Information Systems, Automotive, Engineering and Services domains in companies like SAP, IBM, Dassault Systemes. Charudatta has personally lead critical Business Transformation Projects in Lighting, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Engineering Industry. He has helped organizations drive Operational Excellence Implement and Enhance ERP Systems, Define / Automate / Validate Standard Operating Processes, Assess Profitability. Charudatta has presented Cost Audit Reports and findings to leading Company Boards. He worked with companies to Restructure Product Portfolio by determining True and Fair Cost of the Products, Improve Client-wise Profitability and Improve Plant Utilization within same cost budgets. Presented Operational and IT Aspects of GST in various industrial forum. He has conducted sessions on Finance for Non-finance at Industry / Associations. She regularly shares his experience with students in leading Management Institutes in Pune and Mumbai. He is the Co-founder of Suhrud Consultants and Groples Solutions Private Limited. Charudatta is on the Advisory Board of ME Educational Technologies and Consultancy Services and mentors start-ups. He is the Author of Surviving 2020, A practical guide for MSMEs to assess the Impact of COVID-19 on their businesses and Prepare to respond effectively . Charudatta is a Mechanical Engineer and he has secured Post Graduate Diploma from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, Maharashtra.

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