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Dinkar Suri is a seasoned retail and sales professional with over 35+ years' experience in Sales Development & Execution across business sectors. He is the UnConsultant, Founder & CEO at Retail Market Movers, Mumbai a Sales Development organisation that builds sales productivity in sales teams through a proprietary tool : GASP® - Generally Accepted Sales Principles. GASP® is based on the Science of Selling & Sales Management and offers a solution to a problem that usually plagues Founders - How do I build an efficient Sales Organisation and master Sales Execution ? GASP® is applicable to all organisations whether in the Start Up, Growth or Mature phase and Dinkar has already successfully mentored many entrepreneurs as a TiE Charter Member in Mumbai towards this objective. Dinkar Suri is also the Co-Chair of TiE Academy at TiE Mumbai, a unique initiative to deliver holistic entrepreneurship training to entrepreneurs that was launched in Nov 2019. If you want to make your Sales Department really DELIVER results, do take the benefit of Dinkar's mentorship and experience now !

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