SME IPO - New source of funds for small business



Funds with Zero interest! No collateral fundraising! Yes, this is a new reality in the field of acquiring funds for your business, no matter how small. Forget about all those huge yearly payouts to banks in the form of interest. Rajan Bhatia brings to light an economical funding outlet — IPO (Initial Public Offering) which is now open to MSMEs and not just large scale companies. 3:39 - Difference between and IPO and a bank loanThe expert talks about the difference between an IPO and a loan from the bank and how an IPO is a much better option. 5:04 - Benefits of an IPO Mr. Rajan Bhatia lists down the benefits of raising an IPO and gives us some solid statistics with reference to MSMEs in recent times. 8:25 - Difference between IPO and conventional methods of fundraising.The traditional methods of fundraising should give way to the more lucrative form of fundraising, i.e. IPO 9:59 - Criteria for IPO The expert lists out the criteria for an MSME to apply for IPO. 16:03 - Benefits of listing company on SME exchangeRajan Bhatia lists down the top 5 benefits of having a SME IPO. 20:53 - Success stories of MSMEs that listed IPO The expert lists out companies that he has helped in gaining enormous growth and profit after applying for IPO. 24:40 - Planning an IPO The expert takes us through the step by step procedure of an IPO. 27:24 - Misconceptions about IPORajan Bhatia, address the reasons for the lack of MSMEs on the SME stock exchange.