Financial Discipline



Businesses make money but never enough. Sometimes, revenue of the company is wasted or stuck in places. Not anymore! Amit Kumar looks to help MSMEs in developing financial discipline and spend their resources wisely. 2:32 - What is Financial Discipline?The expert talks about what financial discipline really is, along with some government compliances that help achieve it. 4:38 - Disadvantages of not having financial disciplineAmit Kumar lists down the long term effects of not following financial discipline. 10:53 - Irreparable damage caused by not having financial disciplineImplications of lack of financial discipline is highlighted by the expert. 17:41 - Importance of collections for financial disciplineAmit Kumar talks about improving collections and how important they are to financial discipline. 19:32 - Financial discipline and size of businessThe expert helps understand how the size of the company should not come in the way of financial discipline 25:10 - Tips for financial disciplineAmit Kumar gives out tips to MSMEs to follow financial discipline.