Business growth beyond Jugaad



Makeshift solutions are not the most effective or viable solutions for the growth of our business. However, Jugaad has become an integral part of day to day activities and businesses in India. Almost everyone we meet have used jugaad in someway or the other in running their business. We, as individuals too bank on jugaad more often than not. How do we overcome this Jugaadu culture surrounding us? Discussing this along with a root cause analysis of this pertinent culture, Dr. Pavan Soni talks innovative long term solutions for business growth. 03:28 - What is creativity, innovation and jugaad?Pavan Soni, breaks down the meaning of each term and differentiates them with an example. 7:15 - Changing the jugaad driven culture. The expert explains to us how change can be brought about in the climate of our workplaces which will then lead to a change in our culture. 17:39 - How to turn Jugaad into InnovationDr. Pavan Soni, gives out quality pointers on how to turn jugaad into innovation. 19:23 - ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ but who is the father of innovation?The expert highlights how invention and innovation are related with the help of simple equation. 26:40 - Beauty lies in getting extraordinary for done from ordinary talent.The expert talks about how the quality of talent does not affect the potential for innovation but how the right environment works wonders. 36:19 - How does one set targets for innovation when in the field of business?Pavan Soni gives out guidelines for setting of targets for innovation and how a workplace must be set-up in order to reach the maximum number of ideas.