Export Market Opportunities for growing businesses



When an industry is big and equal to $300bn per year, it is challenging for sure. Talking about overcoming these challenges, how one should start off and how times have changed and became more favorable for overseas business, Jagdeep Rangar lets out some trade secrets he has acquired over the last 25 years. 7:37 - Requirements for ExportThe expert throws some light on what is required for export in different geographies. 9:09 - Techniques to acquire customers for businessJagdeep Rangar talks about how one must go about finding new leads for their business. 14:27 - Checklist of legalities for export A crisp checklist of required legal procedures for the export business to help you follow same. 20:17 - Avenues for funding The expert talks about when funding is required and from where one can get funds. 28:05 - Customer service in the export businessA step by step guide for excellent customer service along with a personal anecdote from the expert.