Pitfalls of GSTR



GST also known as Goods and Services tax recently replaced most of the former indirect taxation methods. Since its implementation, it has been taking the tax-payers through a storm. To get you out of this storm alive, Suresh Nair shared some useful advice to simplify the whole understanding of GST. 4:40 - Rules regarding GSTSuresh Nair lists down the three fundamental rules of filing for GST. 4:53 - Challenges faced while filing for GSTRThe expert talks about the challenges a company faces while filing for GSTR. 15:00 - Guidelines for smooth GSTR filing Since its implementation, GST has been an area where most companies struggle. The expert helps us overcome it. 20:48 - Common mistakes made while filing GST returnSuresh Nair points out the commonly made mistakes in GSTR filing and talks about how one can avoid them. 29:27 – Offences listed down in GST actFrom about 21 offences that are listed regarding GSTR filing, the expert touches upon the most important ones. 32:08 - Penalties levied for offences in GSTRSuresh Nair explains the exact meaning of penalty and informs us about the penalties liable to be paid for offences committed. 40:40 - Important avenues to invest in for successful GSTR filingThe expert gives out the three fundamental areas a company should invest in to ensure successful GSTR filing.