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Our worst worries in our work like salary calculations, TDS, PF, ESIC, Gratuity, compliances, monthly payments, etc are like nightmares to us. If you are facing a lot of challenges like these : Struggle with salary calculations and excel sheets Complaints from employees about delay in salary payment. Struggle with Taxes. Setting Increments on the basis of your mood. Notices from Tax authority or PF departmemts. Then, in this video, our expert, Vishal Kumar will help you to focus on your core and guide you through : Automation of HR, Automation of HR payroll and processes, Razorpayx payroll, Razorpayx HR automation, Robotic Process Automation, RPA for HR, intelligent automation for HR, Onboarding automation and many more topics. Firstly, if you have doubts on How to build a world class culture at work? How to increase productivity of employees? How to hire talented people in the organization? Then this video is definitely for you to watch till the end. An unorganised or powerless HR function is very commonly found on every small and early stage organization. Because the main focus of Entrepreneurs is on lead and revenue generation, sales conversion and marketing efforts. But these are your today's challenges but not your loss of focus on your employees or HR will create a problem for the long term sustainability of your organization. There are so many HR Automation tools which are simple, quick and absolutely free. They are not meant only for the large organisations but with the right planning and efforts, they can be used for the right growth of any organisation, be it micro, small, medium or large. To achieve growth in sales and happy and satisfied customers, you need to make your employees happy too. You need to have a Controlled HR cost, 100% HR compliances, talented bunch of employees, no disputes among them and a happy and healthy working environment. Being a business owner, your main focus should be on the strategic part of HR, which is finding the right talent building the right organization and right culture at work. You can take help from experts through mentorship sessions but never outsource this step. Second focus should be on HR operations, which can be outsourced as it includes hiring, firing, manpower planning and overall effort management with the respect to the demands. In the growing stages, you may not wish to hire a full time HR professional so you can outsource this step. Third steps are the basic monthly activities like salary processing and compliances and for this, you are required to apply HR Automation tools. Because tools will do them effortlessly and you can keep all your focus on the core of your company. Did you know that 57% of salary calculations are paper based and 37% of errors occur due to manual processes. Your in house HR automation tool is still 10-15% weaker in comparison to a third party tool. There are many HR payroll processing tools available in the market and you should understand the right one for your organization. A good HR automation tool will be well integrated with your work processes and will give optimised results : Increase in the transparency. Reduce turnarounds of employees. No errors in data processing. Dashboard of all the informations. Secured data storage. No compliance or regulatory risks. Factors for the right tool to fit into your organization : How easily it is understood? How easily it can be used? It's integration with present data and systems. Easy access to MIS reports. Dynamic Dashboard. Interaction with external payment systems. After analysing a lot of Payroll processing tools, we can come to a conclusion that Razorpayx payroll solution is the best one for small and early stage organizations. If your organization comprises of Less than 30 employees, then you can definitely go for Razorpayx, which is absolutely free of cost. After using RazorPay payroll Solution, you will automate all your payroll processing, provide you with intuitive dashboard, and since it's a self service based platform, the employees can check their pay slips and other details. With Razorpayx payroll tool, you can achieve these : Recording time and leaves. Faster payment of reimbursement claims. Smooth integration with Bank and Tax portals. More transparency. More access to MIS reports. Less data juggling. Say no to painful monthly struggles on payroll processes and Say yes to easier and faster processing with Razorpayx payroll solutions. Just subscribe to it by clicking on the link given below. https://payroll.razorpay.com/signup