From Struggling business owner to professional CEO



How often do we find business owners who micro manage all the processes of their business? From the most minute of tasks, to the most complex and important ones are done by them. Vinod Pandita highlights the importance of delegation and empowerment of employees. He explains to us how doing the same helps lift a heavy load off the minds and shoulders of an MSME entrepreneur and boosts revenues exponentially. 3:55 - Key challenges faced with delegation and leadershipVinod Pandita lists out key challenges faced by entrepreneurs while delegating duties to their employees. 6:06 - Finding and empowering the right employeesThe expert helps us with the criteria and process of finding the right employee for a particular job and how an entrepreneur should go about empowering them. 10:23 - Transformation of real-life businesses after delegationVinod Pandita gives us examples of companies he has worked with that have found success after delegation 15:28 - Risks of empowering employees The expert address the common fears of entrepreneurs about empowering their employees. 20:49 - Changing the mindset of entrepreneursThe expert attempts at changing this closed mindset and highlighting how important it is to be open to ideas. 24:20 - Key attributes for engaging an expert Vinod Pandita talks about the common factors that entrepreneurs look for while investing in the growth of the business and picking up an expert for their company.