Brand Building & Management for SMEs



Most of the successful companies across the world pay careful attention towards how they place their image in their customer’s minds that shall make the customer think of them repeatedly. Our expert for the session, Ameya Mohane talks about importance of branding in a business and explains some simple techniques to build a lasting brand. 4:08 – Brand Building and Brand Management ExplainedAmeya explains what brand building and management is about in simple words with real-life examples 7:50 - Advantages of Brand Building for Small BusinessesExpert talks about benefit of building a brand and immediate results associated with it 11:25 – Starting the brand building with limited resourcesExpert explains the three pillars of a brand that are required to be strengthened, which can be done in limited resources 13:50 – Brand ValuesExpert talks about how core values of a company plays an essential role in building an effective brand 16:25 – Brand IdentityHow visual identities like logo and design, brand triggers like color scheme plays an important role in branding 21:12 – Brand Positioning and Promoting your BrandHow to place your product in customer’s mind and life 22:42 – Effective use of resourcesHow you should use you resources smartly and judiciously for building a brand