Zero budget Digital Marketing for small business growth



Zero Budget Digital Marketing seems impossible but no! Our expert, Mr. Gaurav Tyagi gives us real time solutions and tips for making the most of out of the tools available for Digital Marketing. Breaking myths and taking us into an in depth discussion of how simple Digital marketing is today?the expert also tells us about its benefits and how small businesses should keep up with the changing times. 2:08 What is Digital Marketing in a laymen’s term?Our speaker makes understanding what Digital Marketing is, easy. 5:38 Checklist of must-haves for a website A checklist that will help small businesses or first time users of Digital Marketing, build a good website. 6:44 The all important ‘Call to Action’ Button Gaurav Tyagi simplifies the Call to Action button and points out its importance for the growth and reach of a business 9:41 The various channels of Digital MarketingThe speaker gives us detailed information on the available channels that businesses could to boost their digital presence 13:22 Is Digital Marketing meant only for B2Cs?Gaurav Tyagi addresses the longstanding myth about how Digital Marketing is only for B2Cs and not B2Bs. 26:55 Zero Budget Digital Marketing The expert gives a one-stop solution for a zero budget Digital Marketing plan. 40:59 Summary of a Successful Digital Marketing PlanThe Do’s and Don’ts for successfully using Digital Marketing.