Talent Acquisition & Management for SMEs



Talent acquisition and HR practices are often ignored in small businesses, which leads to several challenges in acquiring right talent, retaining the talent and getting the team productive enough. This directly results in low performance of the overall business. Hanisha, an accomplished HR professional shares some simple yet effective practices that can immediately be adopted by the small business to make the talent acquisition process systematic and result oriented.
2:12 – Changes is hiring process in last 10 years

Hanisha explains how hiring process has become more candidate driven in last 10 years
2:27 – Hiring challenges faced by small companies

The expert highlights four key reasons because of which small companies struggle to find the right talent
3:35 – Why a lot of candidates prefer to work with small companies

Expert explains benefits of joining a small company that MSMEs can leverage to attract more candidates
4:49 – Why do small businesses fail to attract the right talent

How limitations related to time and resources pose a challenge, along with aspects of poor hiring plan and job description.
9:32 – 8 step process for effective recruitment

Expert describes the key ingredients that go in making the recruitment process smooth and productive
19:38 – Interview Process

Best practices to follow to make the interview process effective
29:20 – Negotiation and Offer

Once you have picked a suitable candidate, learn how to extend the offer and close the deal
32:20 – Reference and Background check

Proper background check is often avoided in case of small businesses; there are several of ways to take care of this piece.
36:48 – Induction and introduction to company culture

It’s imperative to follow a proper induction program to get the employees quickly engaged to the company. Expert mentions a few critical things to adopt.