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You will respect MSMEs like never before



Your hard work and courage is the reason why so many Indians rest easy at Night. You are the Backbone of the Nation and its Economy. Without you, there would be no India !! This video is a tribute in recognition of your efforts despite all the hardships you face in the pursuit of your dreams. Now is the TIME for US to UNITE and RISE as we REACH NEW HEIGHTS! Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are crucial for entrepreneurship development in the country. Small Business Owners Problems are aplenty. From funding to growth they face a lot of difficulties throughout their journey. However, the number of Entrepreneurs in India need to keep growing. Small Business Owners Biggest challenge is to motivate the next generation. Entrepreneurship Motivation needs to be boosted in order to convince the younger generation to start their own businesses. Entrepreneurs are made when professionals are inspired by other Entrepreneurs to start their own small businesses.